6.1 Registry 이미지를 다운 받기

Docker Hub에서 Registry를 검색합니다.

grouq:~ giljae$ docker search registry NAME DESCRIPTION STARS OFFICIAL AUTOMATED registry The Docker Registry 2.0 implementation for s... 2795 [OK] distribution/registry WARNING: NOT the registry official image!!! ... 58 [OK] stefanscherer/registry-windows Containerized docker registry for Windows Se... 27 budry/registry-arm Docker registry build for Raspberry PI 2 and... 18 deis/registry Docker image registry for the Deis open sour... 12 sixeyed/registry Docker Registry 2.6.0 running on Windows - N... 9 anoxis/registry-cli You can list and delete tags from your priva... 8 [OK] vmware/registry 6 jc21/registry-ui A nice web interface for managing your Docke... 5 allingeek/registry A specialization of registry:2 configured fo... 4 [OK] pallet/registry-swift Add swift storage support to the official do... 4 [OK] goharbor/registry-photon 2 ibmcom/registry Docker Image for IBM Cloud private-CE (Commu... 1 webhippie/registry Docker images for Registry 1 [OK] metadata/registry Metadata Registry is a tool which helps you ... 1 [OK] conjurinc/registry-oauth-server Docker registry authn/authz server backed by... 1 upmcenterprises/registry-creds 0 ghmlee/registrybot registrybot 0 [OK] lorieri/registry-ceph Ceph Rados Gateway (and any other S3 compati... 0 kontena/registry Kontena Registry 0 dwpdigital/registry-image-resource Concourse resource type 0 gisjedi/registry-proxy Reverse proxy of registry mirror image gisje... 0 concourse/registry-image-resource 0 convox/registry 0 zoined/registry Private Docker registry based on registry:2 0

우리는 registry를 가져올 것입니다. 아래의 명령어로 registry를 가져옵니다.

grouq:~ giljae$ docker pull registry Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from library/registry c87736221ed0: Pull complete 1cc8e0bb44df: Pull complete 54d33bcb37f5: Pull complete e8afc091c171: Pull complete b4541f6d3db6: Pull complete Digest: sha256:8004747f1e8cd820a148fb7499d71a76d45ff66bac6a29129bfdbfdc0154d146 Status: Downloaded newer image for registry:latest docker.io/library/registry:latest

docker images 명령어로 확인합니다.

grouq:~ giljae$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE giljae/ubuntu-git latest bf60f2de446a 28 minutes ago 186MB httpd latest 2ae34abc2ed0 2 weeks ago 165MB ubuntu latest 775349758637 6 weeks ago 64.2MB alpine latest 965ea09ff2eb 7 weeks ago 5.55MB registry latest f32a97de94e1 9 months ago 25.8MB

설치 된것을 확인할 수 있습니다.